For your church

“The nations are here. How do we respond? How do we communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ to the neighbor from a culture a world apart from ours? Our church wants to be obedient to the Lord of the harvest, and we seize opportunities like the COSIM conference to prepare for the work.” —Mike McClanahan, Missions Minister, First Baptist Hendersonville, Hendersonville, Tennessee

Seven reasons you and your mission team should be at COSIM

 1. You want to do partnership well. COSIM’s motto is “Learning to do partnership well”, so we offer world-class practitioners and presenters from whom—and with whom—you’ll learn about the practice of healthy cross-cultural partnerships. Many churches have amplified opportunites as well as challenges in their cross-cultural partnerships. Here’s a conference just for you—to avoid pitfalls or help you move forward.

2. You will build your team around best practices. The experience of being together in the same conference and learning together about “best practices” will enhance your team’s unity and effectiveness in mission. Plus, the new resources you gain you can take back to equip others in your church.

3. You will get free and discounted resources. Some of the plenary presenters and workshop presenters will provide outstanding resources that you can take back to equip others in your mission teams. COSIM intends to make available outstanding resources at significant discounts.

4. You will get the “highly practical” and the “cutting edge”. Check out the plenary and workshop sessions, as well as the pre-conference seminar. We are talking “world-class”—in experience, perspective, and passion for Christ’s mission to bless the nations.

5. You will like the emphasis on global and local. COSIM has always focused on partnerships that are international. This year, we are bringing special attention to the CITY—our own cities, our own neigborhoods. Fact is, many unreached peoples are living in our own cities in North America. The opportunities for cross-cultural ministry and collaboration are right at our doorstep. Chris Clayman’s plenary session and some of the workshops are specially designed to address these locally-based “global” opportunities.

6. You will build relationships with leaders who share your passions. You want to be around people who share the same passions and concerns that you have for your church family to be on mission with God. You’ll love being together and learning in this network.

7. COSIM is unique—the only conference focused on healthy cross-cultural partnerships. There is nothing like COSIM. No other conference focuses eveything on equipping you and your mission teams to be more effective in your cross-cultural partnerships and cross-cultural ministries.